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Duplex Basket Strainers

Marshall J Brown Co is a distinguished duplex basket strainer supplier for many commercial and industrial applications., We will provide you with expert knowledge and high-quality products this time and every time you contact us. Duplex basket strainers are designed for applications that demand continuous flow with a minimal loss of pressure. Duplex strainers are designed to resist harsh industrial chemicals, see more on FRP strainers. You can count on Marshall J Brown to deliver superior duplex basket strainers because we understand how crucial it is for pumps and compressors to be protected in pipeline systems.

Industrial Applications of Duplex Strainers

We offer duplex basket strainers in all sizes and materials, threaded, flanged, or socket weld for the following applications:

• Petroleum • Refineries • Oil and gas •

See the Industries Page for more information

Marshall J Brown Co offers a variety of duplex basket strainer styles to best suit your application, including tri ball duplex strainers and more. In need of duplex basket strainers?
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