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Top Industries Served by Valves & Strainers

At Marshall J. Brown, we are pleased to provide a wide range of premium strainer, valve, fire protection and vertical industrial pump products to clients across the industries we serve. Our highly experienced team specializes in delivering dynamic, cost-effective and high-performing solutions that help you maintain peak operational efficiency while supporting your competitive advantage and enhancing on-site safety initiatives. A few of the numerous industries we serve are shown below.. If you are unsure of which valve or strainer is best for your unique application, Marshall J. Brown has a team of experts standing by to assist you.

Trust Our Proven Industry-Specific Expertise with Valves

Marshall J. Brown’s team has accrued more than 150 years of combined experience at our family-owned company. Since our founding in 1952, we have grown into a leading supplier of trusted brand-name industrial strainers, valves and specialty products for businesses in the following commercial industries:

One of the most unique challenges of the chemical industry is meeting the application-specific needs of our customers. Standard, pre-manufactured products may not offer optimal solutions, which is why we are pleased to provide advanced custom fabrication services driven by advanced engineering and guided by our extensive, industry-specific experience.

Marshall J. Brown’s custom fabrication capabilities include:

  • Custom-designed & ASME  built basket, simplex, duplex & Y strainers
  • Plate products, including blinds, spacers, sample coolers & small storage vessels, built to your exact specifications

Industrial strainers and flow rate control equipment play major roles in the food processing sector. Solid and liquid ingredients must be precisely prepared for use in subsequent stages of the product manufacturing process, and specially calibrated equipment that provides pinpoint control over the combination and refinement of these ingredients is essential. At the Marshall J. Brown Company, we provide advanced solutions for partners and clients working in the demanding, quality-driven food processing industry.

HVAC equipment manufactured for industrial and residential applications must meet demanding specifications for performance reliability. Products supplied by the specialists at the Marshall J. Brown Company play a major role in the engineering and optimized performance of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Our products and services help HVAC systems achieve superior levels of reliability and efficiency by supporting functions including zone control, flow control and essential safety features.

The products and custom fabrication services we offer at the Marshall J. Brown Company play a vital role in the mining industry. In the world of mining, precision equipment that performs predictably and to exacting specifications isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The mining industry also presents companies with advanced safety challenges, and we provide a complete range of products that power the systems mining businesses rely on to ensure the security of their field personnel.

Nuclear reactors, pipe systems and power units rely on precision components to achieve safe, reliable and carefully controllable levels of operation. At the Marshall J. Brown Company, we are pleased to offer a complete lineup of high-performing solutions to partners and clients working in the nuclear industry. As a leading supplier and distributor of industrial valves and strainers , we deliver cost-effective, dependable components for the nuclear industry with value-added service and expertise.

The offshore drilling and oil extraction industry presents some of the world’s most challenging field conditions. Given the major investment offshore companies need to make to recover oil from subsea locations, they require equipment and components that maintain elite performance capabilities in hostile working environments. Prolonged exposure to salt water, corrosive chemicals and dangerous substances are a fact of life in this industry, and innovation has proven to be the only reliable solution.

The oil and gas industry is undergoing change as companies continue to explore new and non-traditional environments. Innovation is reshaping long-established standards and default extraction strategies, and the tools that power these new technologies must meet rigorous performance and safety standards to ensure the security of field personnel and the economic efficiency of operations procedures.

At the Marshall J. Brown Company, we support the ongoing efforts of clients and partners in the oil and gas industry as they work towards aggressive productivity objectives. In addition to providing trusted products made by the world’s leading manufacturers, we also offer custom in-house fabrication capabilities to customers who require solutions that conform to unique specifications.

Companies working in the petrochemical industry have a need for valve, pipe and fire protection equipment with an advanced ability to withstand harsh and corrosive chemicals and substances. At the Marshall J. Brown Company, we are among the nation’s leading suppliers and distributors of fluid control products with a proven track record of reliability and performance excellence in petrochemical applications.

Our team strives to address the industry-specific needs of clients through a carefully developed service model. In addition to our extensive inventory of products made by trusted manufacturers like Mueller Steam Specialty, , Dry-Flo, Flo-Tite, Max Seal, and Titan Flow Control, we offer expert guidance you can trust. To help customers meet their equipment procurement needs quickly and efficiently, we provide afterhours and weekend support as well as same-day shipping for clients with expedited requirements.

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The Marshall J. Brown team is also the nation’s premier supplier of custom-fabricated strainers and plate products, helping customers with demanding and non-standard specifications source their solutions in a timely and affordable manner. To learn more, please fill out our online contact form to have a member of our customer service team respond quickly to your query, or call us toll-free at 877-861-4848.

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