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Heavy Duty Check Valves

Heavy duty check valves provide reliable one-way control and safety for a wide variety of industrial pipeline applications, including oil and gas distribution systems. We specialize in wafer check valves, specifically the double door wafer check valve series. Additional check valve styles include: Single/Dual, Disc, Wafer, Globe, Silent, Threaded and silent seat foot valves.

Marshall J Brown Co has a long-standing reputation in distributing high-quality, heavy duty check valves, offering superior performance and proven reliability. Additional valve styles we offer include butterfly , ball , gate valves and more.

Available from many well respected manufactures such as: Mueller Steam Specialty • Titan Flow Control

Check valves can be manufactured in a variety of
materials including those meeting ASTM standards.
Our industrial check valves are available in:

• Carbon steel (ASTM A216 Grade WCB,
• Stainless steel 316 ASTM 351 Grade CF8M
• Stainless steel 410 ASTM A217 Grade CA15)
• Aluminum bronze (BS 1400 Grade AB2)
• Cast Iron
• Other materials available upon request

Our check valves are available in class 150 thru 600 pressure grades.
We offer check valves that meet ASTM & API598 specifications.

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