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Industrial Strainers and Valves

Marshall J. Brown specializes in a wide variety of industrial fluid control products such as: industrial strainers, valves and piping products. As a fluid control products distributor, we carry many high quality brands which include: Armstrong, Dry-Flo, Flo-Tite Valves, Max Seal, Mueller Company, Mueller Steam Specialty, Spirax Sarco, Titan Flow Control and Watson McDaniel.

We can also provide Fabricated Plate Products, Steam Traps, Centrifugal Separators, and Exhaust Heads. Please contact us for a quote regarding your industrial strainer, valve or piping product needs.


industrial strainers


Our industrial strainer lines include basket , tee, cone, y-strainers, and custom fabricated strainers.

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industrial valves


As an industrial valve distributor we offer butterfly , check , ball , gate , knife gate valves, and more.

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water and gas distribution

Water and Gas Distribution

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centrifugal separator

Centrifugal Separators

A centrifugal separator uses centrifugal force to separate differing elements, such as solids from liquid and liquid from gas.

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Steam Traps

Steam Traps remove condensate from steam and remove air in system prior to start-up. Line Steam integrity is achieved by use of steam trap equipment.

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Specialty Products

• Basket Strainers • Y-Strainers • Duplex Strainers • Simplex Strainers
Tee Strainers • Cone Strainers • FRP Strainers

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Industrial Valve Products

 Butterfly Valves • Knife Gate Valves • Check Valves
Ball Valves • Gate Valves

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