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Temp Strainers

 As a well-respected industrial strainer supplier, Marshall J Brown ensures that our custom cone strainers (also known as temporary strainers), are superior in quality and performance.

We offer a wide assortment of screen types to meet all of your filtration or screening needs. These include: conical strainers, basket or pilgrims hat strainers, plate strainers and many more custom styles. 

Please see below for a list of our different screen types.

Cone Strainer Screen Designs: • Conical Design • Plate Design • Basket Design

We understand that not all applications are suitable for off the shelf items, which is why we are well equipped to design a custom cone strainer that will meet your specific needs. We have the resources to offer countless options for your custom filter, screen or strainer.

We also offer a variety of other industrial strainers. Let Marshall J Brown be your cone strainer supplier!

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