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Wafer Check Valves

Wafer check valves provide silent, fast, non-slam operation and feature a special quick-closing action for added control and convenience. The body style of wafer check valves are designed to fit between a set of flanges. Wafer check valves include an accurately machined disc that protects against momentum build-up and its valve-damaging effects. Wafer check valves help ensure that fluid flow only passes in one way. They are also a more compact economical option than some other types of check valves. Marshall J. Brown supplies wafer check valves that range from 2-54 inches in size. You can view specifications for our wafer check valves here.

Wafer Check valves can be manufactured in a variety of
materials including those meeting ASTM standards.
Our industrial check valves are available in:

• Carbon steel (ASTM A216 Grade WCB,
• Stainless steel 316 ASTM 351 Grade CF8M
• Aluminum bronze (BS 1400 Grade AB2)
• Cast Iron
• Other materials available upon request

Our wafer check valves are available in ANSI class 150 thru 600 pressure grades.
We offer check valves that meet ASTM & API598 specifications.

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